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INVESTIGATION /SURVEILLANCE:  The Client agrees to pay 1st Call Investigations the agreed upon hourly rate, per Investigator. Anything over eight hours in one day will be billed at an overtime rate of time and a half.  Any work performed on Holiday will be billed at a double time rate.  There will be an additional charge of .54 cents per mile plus tolls. It is understood that billing time will begin when the Investigator (s) leave 1st Call Investigations office or nearest starting point in route to the Investigation and will end upon return to 1st Call Investigations office or nearest ending point. It is further agreed and understood a 3 hour minimum fee will be imposed daily for Monday at 5:00am est. through Friday 4:00pm est. Any job that begins after Friday 4:00pm until and Monday 5:00am will have a 5 hour a day minimum. These daily minimums are billed per investigator. Any scheduled day for investigations may be canceled up to 24 in advance without penalty.  Any scheduled investigation canceled within the 24 hour period prior to the investigation start time will be billed the minimum hours for that day.   
RESEARCH SERVICES: Backgrounds, License Plates, Skip Traces or Address updates etc... It is agreed and understood that there will be an additional charge for each information search conducted.  The charge for all information searches vary depending on what information is necessary to complete the investigation or information the client is requesting. All research conducted is by the clients request and done in accordance with the law.  Research is obtained from a multitude of electronic database resources and human communications.  Much of this information is compiled from government application and public record sources supplied by the subject of the investigation.  Though all research is verified to the best of our ability we cannot guarantee it is 100% correct due to these databases and communications are maintained by human fallible sources and are subject to error. In addition, we do not and cannot promise to produce positive results.  The information provided is for the sole use of the client for review purposes and not to be resold.  Any actions taken by the client as a result of the information provided is of their own decision and in no way influenced by our company in any way.  
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: Any out of pocket expenses for road / bridge or tunnel tolls etc. Access or entry fee for events clubs bars etc. Shows, drinks, meals or any other out of pocket expenses necessary to continue or conduct surveillance will be billed to client.
VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHS:   It is agreed and understood that there will be no charge for the viewing of video or digital photos. There will be a charge of $ 25.00 per video copy requested.  There will be a $10.00 charge for digital photo prints.  We can also email you the video or create DVD, CD Rom, memory sticks or data chip media, prices vary depending on length of recording and time to process.
CONSULTATIONS / COMMUNICATIONS: Initial phone or electronic consultations will be free of charge. If an in person consultation is requested a fee of $150.00 will be charged for any in person consultation.  If we are retained / contracted a fee of one tenth an hour will be charged for every six minute block of phone, fax or email communications and will be rounded to the highest block for any portions of the six minute block used. This fee will be charged for both incoming and outgoing communications.   
REPORTS:  A summary report will be included for free with every Investigation. Upon Request a typewritten report shall be provided for the Client at the conclusion of the Investigation for a charge of $5.00 per page. Notarized affidavit will be a charge of $ 15.00 each.  No reports will be released to the client until such time when account balance is paid in full.  Although 1st Call Investigations may at times attempt to contact the Client for additional information or to give a verbal report it is the sole responsibility of the Client to make contact with 1st Call Investigations if interim reports are desired. This Investigation is not being conducted on a contingent fee basis.
RETAINER:  A retainer deposit will be required prior to the start of any investigation or scheduled court appearance. Any unused portion of the retainer deposit will be refunded upon written request. It is hereby agreed and understood that a retainer shall not constitute payment in full. At clients verbal request the Agency may elect to exceeded the retainer. The Agency reserves the right to decline. All final charges shall be determined on a time and expense basis at the agreed upon rates. Additional retainer deposits will be required in advance as we near or exceed the account balance.  
COURT APPEARANCES: Prior to any investigator appearing in court, the Client agrees to satisfy all unpaid balances and pre pay 1st Call Investigations for each investigator $350.00 flat rate per day for the investigators time in a local court. Out of state courts excluded. The client also agrees to pay for any travel or legal expenses incurred. Any scheduled court appearance canceled within the 24 hour period prior to the court appearance date will be billed for that day. Cancellations requested before the 24 hours prior to the requested court appearance will be credited to the account.        
PAYMENT:  It is agreed and understood that the Client shall make payment in full for services rendered upon completion of Investigation. Unless other arrangements are made, after thirty days there will be an assessed interest charge of 1.50% monthly on the remaining balance past due.  Failure to pay the remaining balance within 30 days will result in legal action. After 30 days of non-payment the Agency will not maintain confidentiality.  It is further agreed and understood that the client accepts responsibility for any and all legal expenses or court costs incurred while recovering moneys owed to 1st Call Investigations.
 1st Call Investigations dba of 1st Call Bail Bonds & Investigations, Inc. makes no representation or guarantee to produce positive results for the Client. The terms of this agreement shall apply regardless of the outcome of the Investigation. 1st Call Investigations withholds the right to terminate this contract at any time.